mardi 3 janvier 2012

L'instrument idéal pour vos fessées ?

"La main (je suis très classique de ce côté là), et la brosse pourquoi pas..."

"Some love it, others hate it, but to me, a good brush might be the ideal spanking tool .../... Within the mind, the hairbrush symbolizes, for many of us, memorable moments from our youth. While those punishments held no attraction at the time, their vivid recollection became the roots of many an adult desire. As if by sorcery, the brush has the ability to transport the chosen one's consciousness back to another place, time, and situation. There's just nothing like a hairbrush to make you feel truly spanked."
Bonnie, dans ce magnifique plaidoyer pour cet instrument, souvent difficile mais parfois fantastique

"Je préfère ces mains, mais s’il faut un instrument alors je dirais ma brosse a cheveux."

"My favorite actual implement is the hairbrush. Super standard and domestic. I love the sting J I love that I have to be over his knee, or at the very least he has to be touching me to deliver it. It’s a “naughty little girl” implement, which is most definitely my thing."

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